Care Tags for Handmade Crochet Items : Free Printable

Today I am going to share with you a free printable 'Care Tags'. I created this for my personal use and I use it to write the care instructions of the crochet products I make.

Care Tags for Handmade Crochet Items : Free Printable

Three color options are included. You can write your blog/company name on the color block.

Care Tags for Handmade Crochet Items : Free Printable

The symbols are explained below:





[Dry Clean]

Download the PDF File and you can print it on a heavy cardstock matte/glossy, cut, punch a hole in the corner and use it. 

Check the yarn you use for the care instructions and symbols and what it recommends and based on it you can update your care tags.

You can use your marker or pen to edit these symbols to suit your requirements. For example: If the yarn recommends 'Hand wash', simply put an 'X' or cross the wash symbol and write 'Hand wash with .... (mild detergent in warm water)'. If it recommends 'Machine wash cold' then you can place a dot in the centre and write the temperature inside the symbol. Write its description on the line beside it, and so on for the other symbols as well.

You can use the below image for your reference. I found this on web here.


You can download the printable here.

PLEASE NOTE: The free printable provided can be downloaded and should be used for personal use only. Do not share or sell the product. Most importantly do not claim this as yours. People who go against this will be strictly punished. {Copyrighted item}.

Happy Crafting everyone :)

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