Guest Post: How to Organize Your Crochet Materials

Today's post is from Jennifer Watts who has written a wonderful post on how to organize your crochet materials.

Keeping a neat, tidy craft room is easier said than done – but you know that already. Whether it’s tiny stitch markers that seem to disappear in front of your eyes or crochet hooks strewn about the place, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep all your craft materials neatly organised.

Unless, of course, you have a few handy (and creative) housekeeping tips up your sleeve. Whether you want to learn the best way to wash and care for your craft materials so that they last longer or simply want advice on how to store them tidily, there is plenty of help available online.
Let’s look at some of our favorite tips on how to organize your crochet materials.

  • Crochet Hooks
As your love and skill in crocheting develops, so will the number of hooks you own. So, how do you store these vital essentials in a way that not only keeps them safe but also makes it easy for you to get the ones you want?
Everyone has their own preference but there are two main ideas that can work really well. The first is a simple pencil case or hook case which has pre-defined pockets and slots to hold your hooks. If you want to be super creative, you can even make your own. The second is a more public option with hooks stored in a pocket hanger attached to the back of your craft room door or even mounted on the wall. Now that’ll keep those hooks nice and handy.

  • Stitch Markers
The best way to store stitch markers depends on what you use them for. If you’re whipping up a scarf or blanket and are using markers only on the first and last stitch of each row to avoid adding or dropping a stitch then you can afford to get creative. Use thread to hang some colourful beads off your markers and store them on a key hook in your craft room  - decoration and storage in one!
If you’re doing filet crochet or numerous colour changes where you need to place your markers in amongst your work, you really want them to be as small and simple as possible. It’s best to keep your markers in a small box on their own, so they don’t get lost among your other tools. Why not crochet one up yourself? Work in the round as if making a toy ball, but leave the top open. Simple.

  • Toy Stuffing
Toy filling is essential if you love making amigurumi, but it can take up a lot of space to store. Many crochet lovers store their stuffing in lidded containers that allow them to jam as much inside as possible. However, some of the best housekeeping tips are those that are practical and pretty at the same time so how about crocheting a zippered cushion for keeping your excess filling in until it’s time to use?
If you absolutely hate trying to store traditional filling materials then why not stuff your toys with yarn scraps or beans and beads that make a beanbag toy instead? These items are typically smaller which makes them much easier to store.

  • Yarn
Forget about plastic storage boxes for your yarn. While it may seem like a good idea to get everything neat and organised, it makes it nearly impossible to see what yarns you have. Bookcases are much better and will also make your craft room look pretty.
Want to be more creative? Secret storage poufs are a trend that’s proving hugely popular so why not whip up a pouffe – it’ll be quick with t-shirt yarn, an 8mm hook and DC stitches. Remember not to finish the bottom but instead leave a gap and thread some yarn through the stitches in your final round to make a drawstring-type opening. Use it for yarn, stuffing, scraps, or anything soft.

So there you have it – a few simple housekeeping tips to ensure your craft room looks the business with well organised crochet materials at every turn. Happy crafting!

About the author

Jennifer Watts is a freelance writer with a passion for travel, cooking, and all things creative. When not writing, she can be found exploring new destinations with her family, making toys for her daughter, or trying desperately to learn how to work up some Tunisian crochet!

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