Free Crochet Pattern: Larksfoot – IKEA Mug Cozy

Got an IKEA mug as a gift from someone you love? Or have purchase done for yourself or for your family members cause it looks so adorable? (Answering to myself : YES and YES ..) 

I just love my IKEA mug and I had it purchased long back one for myself and one for my brother. I thought i might spice my mug a little to make it standout and to differentiate it from my brother's. Could have just used a sharpie ;) but I rather preferred to crochet a cozy for my cute and shiny mug (so by protecting it from any damage as well. )

You can find the free pattern here. As you can see I used only three colors and it tuned out perfect. And it sure can make a great Christmas present as well. You can make in any color you like and gift it. 

Access the pattern here

So what are you waiting for. Pick up your crochet hook and start making one :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed.

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