Chart Paper Rose

This beautiful pink rose is made of chart paper. I found this cool video from 'BerryCoolCrafter' to make this.


  • Cut eight petal flower (8 pcs). The template is given below.
  • Cut a slit to the centre of flower from the join of any 2 petals  from 1 pc as shown below.


  • Next, Cut one petal from 1 pc,  two petals from 2pcs,  three petals from 2 pcs,  four petals from 2 pcs. 
          The template is given below.

  • Save a cut-out piece with three petals and two petals. (You will have totally [8] pcs + [1] 3 petal pc + [1] 2 petal pc = [10] pcs)
  • Now, for each pc, slightly overlap the cut-edges and glue them. They'l start to form from a wide cone to a narrow cone.  
  • With the larger cone as a base, keep gluing the next smaller cones on above the other. 
  • Attach the 2 petal cone (the narrowest of all) last. 
Your rose is ready. :) 

Make many roses and make a bouquet, or use it for decorating gift boxes and bags, or you can make smaller flowers to make a smaller rose and make a ring for yourself :) 

CAUTION : Be careful while using the glue gun/ fevi quick, caz its hot and sticks to ur hand. 

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