Crochet Clutch - Crocodile Stitch

I had always wanted to make a clutch for myself. I was searching around and i found this cute little Mermaid Tear Purse from Bernat Yarns. 
Video Tutorial (The Crochet Crowd): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNWyzNZdnGM)

[source: Bernat]

I loved the pattern. Its called 'crocodile stitch'... I just wanted a clutch made out of this pattern. So i followed the pattern given below for the clutch version of this purse and i loved the way it came out.

I have used 3.5mm hook for smaller purse. You can use larger size crochet hook for larger purse. 
  • Follow first 4 rounds from the pattern here.
  • Rep 3rd and 4th rnds until desired height.
  • Last round: Repeat round 3 and finish off.
Finished clutch

For my purse, i have used three colors alternatively. 

(i.e. chain 84, round 1 & 2 : in 1st color ; 
round 3 & 4 : 2nd color ; 
round 4 & 5 : 3rd color ; and so on ) 

I have also done 9 scales for my purse (i.e. I have done chain 84, 18 rounds in total and finally the last round)

I added a fabric lining for the purse along with a white zipper. And my crochet clutch is ready to use :) Try it out. U'll love it <3

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