External HDD Crochet Case

Hello lovelies. You all must have known by now that I LOVE PINK... Right. Almost all of my projects be it home decor or crochet, its pink. May be I love it too much or it loves me :)

So here is another Pink project for you in crochet for my Little Pink Hard Disk Drive. Yup, even my HDD is pink. My cousin selected that one for me for the love I have towards it. Its soooo damn pretty and I've been using it for four years and running. My love doesn't end there and so I had to place a pink heart sticker onto it. Crazy right???? Nope. Not al al for me :)

Materials used:
  • DK Light worsted weight yarn (pink and white)  [you can use any yarn or color]
  • 4mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • wooden button

  • CH - chain
  • SC - single crochet
  • HDC - half double crochet
  • DC - double crochet
  • SS - slip stitch

  • Place stitch marker in the first SC of each round. SS in this SC to end that round.
  • Chain 15 and Round 1 - 7 : use pink yarn
  • Round 8 - 14 : use white yarn
  • Round 15 - 20 : use pink yarn


  • CH 15 (or any number to fit the base length of your device). My device measures 3.2" length and 5" height. 
  • ROUND 1: SC in the second ch from the hook (place a stitch marker) and in each chain across till the end [14SC]. SC on the opposite side of the chains as well till the end and SS with the first SC with the stitch marker [Total: 28 SC]
  • ROUND 2: CH 1. SC in each chain till the end [28 SC] and SS with 1st SC.
  • ROUND 3 - 20 : Repeat Round 2.
  • Continue this till your desired height of the device.

  • CH 5 and SS to first CH to form a ring.
  • ROUND 1 (pink yarn): SC 10 times in the ring. SS with the first SC [Total: 10 SC]
  • ROUND 2 (pink yarn): CH 2. *1 DC and 1 HDC in the next stitch. SS in the next stitch*. Rep * 4 times [for total of five petals].
  • ROUND 3 (white yarn): CH 1. SS in the next stitch and in each stitch across.
  • Fasten off and weave the ends.
  • Sew the flower onto the case.

Sewing the button and handle:
  • Chain 12 and sew it to the case on the inside.
  • Attach a wooden button to the front portion of the case.

And your HDD crochet case is ready. You can use this for your mobile phones as well. Its so simple and cute. For different sized devices, CH to the desired length of your device base and continue SC all around.

Hope you liked it. Happy Crocheting :)

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