Simple 10 minute Dining table organization

My entire day in spent on cleaning and organizing. Once I came out of hostel I decided to take out that to-do list and jot down all the existing stuffs that needs a hand and all things that needs to be planned. One by one, when the list gets checked, only then I feel accomplished and I self-reward myself with something yummy.

This week I HAD to get the job done in my dining room. All the things out there were forming a clutter, extra things were taking up the space and I had to get rid of the expired packed goods. Sounds like a heavy job but there was only one simple solution to it and it was all done within ten minutes.

This is how it was before:

Ya, I know. You might ask me. Why do you keep all this stuff in the dining table? Even though it is kept in the pantry or in the kitchen, as these eatables gets used more often than any other, we had to keep it near the eating place. And since my dining table is huge and fills up the entire dining room, there is no place to keep a *Hutch, nor a simple cabinet to be placed. The idea of keeping one is to place all frequently used eatables or spread in it along with some plates, bowls and glasses so it would be easy to serve and self-serve. As there was not enough room for the above mentioned, I had to quickly think on something else, smaller, so as to either place it on the table or to hang it on the wall beside it. What can it be?????

On my visit to my native, I had a list to be purchased for home like pan holders, sieves, chopping board, etc. I was also involved in the quest of finding something suitable for the dining room.

So I thought why not a table top shelf. It can be assembled together when needed and when you do not want it, you can remove it and keep. Easy assembling and dismantling whenever needed. Then I purchased this and when I reached home I assembled it. There were various colour options, but I got this one to match the dining room interior.


And guess what; I noticed it later that it serves dual purpose. It can either be placed on the table or it can be hanged on the wall as well. This can be used anywhere, like, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, study room, etc. I took advantage of it for my dining room.

All I had to do was, a little makeover of this handy shelf and place things in it. I used a shelf liner or self-adhesive pattern paper that my aunt gave me from her visit last time. I placed it on all three layers of it. It helps for easy cleaning purpose.

Doesn’t it look pretty? And this design matches with the table cover as well.
Now back to the dining table.

  • I removed all items from the corner.
  • Discarded the empty or expired goods.
  • Categorized the goods (drinks mix, spreads, home-made items in boxes, etc.)

  • Placed them on the shelf.
  • I placed the extra (big items) outside. Tang bottle on a plate and corn flakes as such.




And this is how the table looks now:

That’s it. Three simple things: remove everything, discard and categorize, place them back.

* A hutch is an American English word for a type of furniture. Now usually used to describe a set of shelves or cabinets placed on top of a lower unit with a counter and either drawers or cabinets. Hutches are often seen in the form of desksdining room or kitchen furniture. Frequently referred to by furniture aficionados as a hutch dresser.  {SOURCE: Wikipedia}.
An example of a beautifully painted hutch by my favourite Jennifer Jones from IHeartOrganizing:


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