Baby & Toddler Crochet booties : Sep '14 to Feb '15

Hello everyone. After a one month break, I am back to blogging. As I mentioned earlier, I had been doing a lot of crochet booties. :) So I thought I would share the entire bunch with you. 

I started making booties from September 2014 and I started receiving orders ever since. I am so happy to look back these few months on my work and how it has gradually increased. 

I used few patterns online. I also modified a few and generated a new one and I published my own free pattern as well.

This was the first bootie I ever made and is so close to me even now (though it has been sold :) )

[Design: This Lovely Life

[Design: Crochet Hooks You]

[Design: This lovely Life]

[Design: Crochet Hooks You ]

[Pattern: Repeat Crafter Me]

[Pattern: Crochet Hooks You ]

[Pattern: Crochet Hooks You

[Pattern: Crochet Hooks You ]

[Pattern: Crochet Hooks You]

[Pattern: Made in Craftadise]

[Pattern: Modified Version of Whistle and Ivy]

[Pattern: Modified Version of Whistle and Ivy]

Few booties for which I haven't mentioned the pattern are modified and few were made on the go. 

I hope you like them all. Which one is your favorite ???

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