My new sewing machine and my first sewing project

It had been a month and a half of vacation :) for me {Kind of... I never let go of crafting and crochet.. :) } and living without the internet has become a tedious task and so hard to digest that most of my nights went dreaming of my blog and about developing it. 

As I had already mentioned before, I would be coming up with a surprise once I return. Yes Yes!!! I would definitely share it with you guys. It is actually going to be a series. On what? You have to wait for that a little more. I am working on it, and yes, it would be up soon. 

During this vacation I had done a few crochet projects, some new patterns as well and I will be posting that up soon. One more important and useful skill I learnt was SEWING !!! 

I had purchased a Sewing Machine for myself around 7 months back and it laid still in a corner till now since I was busy with my crochet orders. This vacation was the perfect time to bring it on and start fresh.

My all new SINGER Talent. It is so beautifully designed and I am so in love with it. It is also very easy to use and it had an option to stitch up Stretch stitches for fabric that stretches and amazingly beautiful collection of stitches lined up. Is body is excellent with a beautiful design on its base. 

My new sewing machine and my first sewing project, Singer Talent

My new sewing machine and my first sewing project, Singer Talent

Yeah me. I started with the basics and worked few stitches on some scrap fabric and then I jumped right to sewing a cushion cover for the living room.

Sewing cushion cover

It is made of a heavy weight upholstery fabric in maroon with self design and attached a golden fabric to it centre. {More on the sewing tutorial in the next post} 

So now that I made the the cushion covers and after impressing my mom :) I moved on to the next sewing project and this time for myself. I made Kurti (Tunic) and when I succeeded with one, I made another :) 

Now I am off to exploring new sewing projects and not to forget crochet, I am also keeping my hands on the hook time to time :) 

Did you like my sewing machine and the cushion cover? What was your first ever sewing project?

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