Artisans Market and DIY Display ideas

Hello everyone. I know its been really long (a month, Again!!! wink ) since my last post. You might be wondering what I was upto this time. As I had already mentioned in my past posts, I had been gearing up for my first ever Artisans Market conducted by By Hand, From the Heart in Chennai on February 5th and 6th. The event is conducted every year where a chosen number of artists and artisans from all over India get to exhibit their wonderful creations. It is a great opportunity for artisans or start-up entrepreneurs or even home-based crafters to showcase their talent and get to meet awesome people.

As this was my debut performance for an event, I was held up with a lot of projects to do, planning the decor and making some DIY displays for my products as well. Here are some of the pictures that was taken during the show and few products that I made for the show. 


All the display items and backdrop were also made by me. In the next few posts I will be sharing how to easily make your own craft fair display without even having to spend much in both money and time. Next time you plan to put up a stall you can have these in mind. 

I must say, that this was a great opportunity to open the doors of Craftadise and have a look at the real world, meet new people and most importantly meet other wonderful artisans. I am really happy to have met artisans from the brand: MonkeyJi, Vasthra, Priyanjoli, Hydes Studio, Love The World Today, Madhubani Motifs,  and many more...  Do visit their website or facebook page to find their awesome work and be sure to buy them :) I have included a few photos of the other stalls that I got to take in some free time I had :) Enjoy :) 


[Love the World Today]



[Eco Crafts and Weaves]


[Madhubani Motifs]

I would like to thank the event organizers who gave me this opportunity, to all who visited me and my colorful stall, purchased Craftadise goodies and appreciated my hard work and dedication. Thank you all once again :) 

Next up --> lots of DIY display projects for your next craft fair and free crochet patterns.

Did you like our stall display? Do let us know your thoughts and ideas. 

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