Liebster Award for Craftadise and a free printable

Okay. Now this might sound a little interesting and unannounced. So please bare with me and my hyper excitement. (Yeah!!!!) I have been nominated for Liebster Award.. (Yeah again !!! ). Ok. So what is this all about? Liebster Award is a a chain of awards given to a number of bloggers by one blogger and in turn, the nominated bloggers nominate others and the process continues. This is to encourage bloggers and even start-ups to be recognized and to connect with several other amazing bloggers in and outside your niche.

Lacey from Small Town Solace, nominated me. She blogs on her mom life and her town so beautifully. Please do check out her blog for more awesomeness and get to meet the small town girl behind the blog. We met in a Blogging group over at Facebook and she said she liked my blog and the colors in it and also the content, that she had nominated me among the other bloggers she chose. I am so happy and honored that you had nominated me. Thank you  so much Lacey. 

This is what she had said about the blog:

Yes, yes, yes, pink, cute and CRAFTS! I am a crafter wannabe, like I enjoy crocheting and painting things once in awhile, but this is craft-spirational. I’m so happy to have found your site Salma and cannot wait to see even more of your posts! "

Moving on with the award, as I said is a chain to be followed with the rules given below:

Here are the eleven questions that Lacey has given me to answer. So here goes. 

1. Why did you decide to start your blog?

    Right from my school days, I always had this slight or may be to much inclination towards crafts and handmade. Be it birthdays or random occasions or just any other normal day, I would start making cards or decor items by up-cycling unused items at home. Similarly I started learning crochet in school and continued ever since. At a point, i thought 'why not share my creations to the world or log it as a blog'. This is when I thought to start blogging and created Craftadise in the year 2012, and I've been blogging ever since and improved in so many ways, be it posts/images/designs, etc. 

2. What has been your biggest blogging challenge?

     My biggest blogging challenge so far was 'Photography' (it still is and trying to improve and learn each day).

3. What besides blogging are your hobbies?

    As you all must have know by now, my only hobby and full time is this blog. I craft and crochet. Well, if I have to say something besides this, then, I love to cook and try international cuisine (mainly snacks), painting, graphic designing, reading and playing (be it video games / badminton with my brothers).

4. What is your favorite post so far and why?

    All are my favorites, cause I put my full heart into creating a post. The reader popular post is: Summer peach Toddler dress and one of my favorite too, cause this was the first ever crochet dress pattern I created and it was well appreciate by everyone. :)

5. What had been your proudest moment in life so far?

    I am so happy to have received the 'Best Outgoing Student Award' in my PG and in the field of blogging, i have received several recognition and features. The best one being: 'Top 5 Art/Craft blogs in India'. The list goes on. You can read the full list of features here.

6. Whats is your favorite food and least favorite food?

    Ohh. That's a tough question. :)  Ok. So my favorite dish would be Kadai chicken (probably anything with chicken) and Mutton biryani. Least favorite.... Hmmm... Well.. nothing of that sort.

7. Book / movie?
    Movie. I have no patience for reading sometimes :)

8. Favorite websites and apps?

    Websites: I love IHeartOrganizing, MelyssaGriffin, Etsy, Pinterest and so many.
   Apps: Houzz, Facebook Groups, To-do list (google), Quiz-up, Slack, Instagram and other social media apps.

9. What is your morning routine?

    I always start my day with prayer, thanking The Almighty for the previous day and the wonderful life He has given, Cook, other household chores, read my to-do list (for the day) and complete the tasks.  

10. Three favorite TV shows?

      I love watching Brain Games with my family, MasterChef and Game of Thrones.

11. Any guilty pleasures? If so, what are they?

      No. :) 

Here goes my Nomination List.

My Nominations:

1. Theresa of SugarFoot and Ry FamVentures: A cute blog of a mom and son duo, sharing their family adventures, travel and about the naughty little toddler :) 

2. 622 Press: A blog on letterpress goods made by hand. They have amazing items for wedding, birthdays, stationary products and a lot more.

3. Moni from Moni's Makeup Vanity: An oh so cute beauty blog. Moni shares her tips, DIY and Lifestyle projects. She also has her Youtube channel for the same.

4. Offner from Velvet Blue Midnight: A blog on poetry, literature and random thoughts. It also has a beautiful layout to display the content. 

5. Michelle from North South Blonde: A pretty site with even more pretty posts on recipes, parenting, beauty tips and interior designing.

6. Sarah and Lucy from Each Peach Pear Plum: Such a gorgeous and peachy blog, with awesome content and layout. The authors share posts on DIY, family, beauty, home and more.

7. Erin of Making Mumpreneurs: An award winning Mumpreneur share her tips and helps mums to build their digital business.

8. Cristina of Smart Fitness Makeover: A leading fitness expert and creator of SMART Fitness Makeover system, Cristina has taught several people how to change their nutrition, fitness and lifestyle routine to overcome their physical challenges and helps them stay fit and healthy.

9. Amandine from Dive in the Crowd: Its a blog for start-ups or entrepreneurs, where Amandine shares and helps to improve networking skills along with marketing, business and  social media tips.

10. Sahar from Oryx Land Life: Inspired from the land where she belongs, Sahar blogs on Nature, Travel and yummy recipes from Qatar. She also shares the beautiful clicks of nature in each post.

Questions for you:

  1. What motivated you to blog?
  2. What is your most favorite part of blogging (writing, photography, comments, etc.)
  3. Are you upgrading your blog in terms of design/content, etc. If so, what and why?
  4. Any advice/tips for others starting to blog?
  5. What is your best achievement so far or any recognition received?
  6. What are your favorite blogs/websites?
  7. Favorite dish?
  8. Three things that you can never leave home without?
  9. Favorite sport? 
  10. What is your dream destination?
  11. Do you have a bucket list? If so, can you name a few on the list?

Free Printable:

I also have a free printable for you guys (for reading the post so patiently) :) It is a 3-page planner. It has:
  • Meal Planner
  • Daily Task Checklist (for the most important tasks)
  • Notes
Each page is designed to be used for a month and you can print them as many times you like, bind them together and make a perfect daily planner. You can download the planner here. {for personal use only}

Please visit the Nominees' blogs and be sure to leave a comment or like their page. :) Have a great day and I'll be back with an awesome post next time. Take care.

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