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Hey friends. How have you all been. Today's post is going to be a little different. I’ll be reviewing book from BlogAdda.com called SIX DEGREES – GAME OF BLOGS. I am so happy that I have been chosen by Team BlogAdda for their Book Review Program. This time, the book to be reviewed is completely a different one from what we usually read, you’ll find out in a second why. I have chosen to include this in the post as it is a collaborative effort by bloggers and being a blogger myself, I wanted to support them.


I was, at first sight, intrigued by the title and was pondering over the title how this came to be called so. Another interesting challenge the book had to offer was the quest to find why its named SIX DEGREES. And I might have found the reason and it is up to you guys to get the book, read it and then send your prediction to the email address mentioned. And I'm going to do this right away. I found this so interesting that it kept me committed to the book.

BlogAdda.com, for the first time as a part of #CelebrateBlogging, initiated a totally new-fangled and motivating concept called Game of Blogs. As you might have noticed, I haven’t mentioned the author’s name in the beginning or even now. That’s because, there is no 1, but 30 authors involved in the compilation of this book.

Initially, there were 30 teams of 10 bloggers competing for the Game of Blogs ‘throne’. They started of their stories with a set of pre-defined characters and plots specified to them, periodically. This was then blogged on among the team members’ blogsites each day. The team members had to co-ordinate the order and structure of these and finally weaved in as seamless stories and each had their own spice and tier to it.

And not to mention, a lot of effort was put into it to make this happen. The team members might not have been from the same place, so they had to make conference calls, email, plan discuss and finally this came into existence.. 30 such stories were presented.

These 30 stories, in turn, was filtered by a panel of 6 Judges namely, Ashwin Sanghi, Kiran Manral, Meghna Pant, Natasha Badhwar, Raksha Bharadia and Ravi Subramanian. They, of the 30 stories, selected 3 and this masterpiece of 3 different stories, the effort of 30 different bloggers – is what Six Degrees is all about.

The teams and their blog crafted stories:

The Awakening  - By Team By Lines

A short sci-fi tale told with background on the question that are we alone in this universe? The Author was able to capture the concept of family & was able give a twist to the relations that we are having in the earth. Not spoiling much & is my favorite in the books.

Entangled lives - By Team Potliwale Baba

A murder mystery short story with gripping questions who? Why? And how? With interesting riddle like poetry on the motive and unanticipated meetings of the past. Entangled lives makes a believable approach in which all the characters are suspects & the killer is one among them. A cold murder and a hard cold killer the mystery unveiled with a gripping tension . It is a good attempt on keeping the readers on the edge. Loved the character connections and leaves us with a twist at the end.

Missing – A journey within - By Team Tete-a-Ten

The author takes on the kidnapping and how a modern age nuclear family are affecting a child’s attachment to the parents and how relationships takes turn on occurring incidents and how a single photograph and blog leads to solving all this.

I really felt something missing from Missing and could have added a little more detail to it. Entangled lives like a total Bollywood spiced movie and The awakening to have a dash of Hollywood scenes attached.

On the whole, I felt the time worth it, since this is a one-of-a-kind book and a collaborative effort by 30 bloggers and a new take on how the same five set of characters can have their own different stories. If you want to spend time reading and enjoying the monsoon grab yourself this book, a hot cup of coffee and some spicy snacks; and especially if you are a blogger too; in turn supporting these amazing bloggers and their book. And don’t forget to complete the quest, do share your idea on why this book is called so.

Thank you so much for patiently reading my post this long and I have a free printable for you guys and for all the book lovers. It is a Books to Read List with a beautiful pink header. Grab this free printable from here.

Take care and Happy blogging. 

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