Crochet Cushion Cover - Chevron Pattern (Crochet Arsenal Cushion Cover )

My brother is a huge Arsenal fan. :) When his room construction was over, he wanted it to be painted red & white which is Arsenal team color. And finally it was painted as he desired :) It looks absolutely wonderful :) 

This is Arsenal's kit. He also owns one of them.  

As you can see, the primary colors are red and white :) I wanted to present my bro something with these colors in it and also decorative and useful for his new bedroom which was also painted red with white stripes. 

So i thought, why not a crochet cushion cover :) In that way i would present him the Arsenal colored gift as well as a cushion for his bedroom. 

I browsed and browsed for a crochet pattern and i loved the Chevron pattern for the cushion cover. This is a chevron pattern - a zig zag kinda line pattern. 

So i made a Chevron Cushion Cover from the pattern given by Sols(tr)ikke.  

I used crochet hook size used is 4 mm.
I have used 2 colors: White (A) and Red (B) The color sequence is: Two rows A and two rows B.

Please follow the pattern here.

This is how i did the cushion. I did 60 rows in total. You can increase this as you like depending on how much you want it to overlap on the back to attach a button. 

Then sew or crochet the side seams inside out using any stitch. I used whip stitch

This is my finished cushion cover. You can also see the paint color in the first picture. It has white stripes on red paint. :)

 My brother was so happy and he loved the cushion :) Everyone in my family did too :) 

I hope you liked it :) 

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