Crochet Rose Necklace

Jewellery is every woman's favorite. In this project, I have made a necklace with pearls along with a crochet flower.

  • For the rose i have used 2mm crochet hook and used a pale pink yarn.
  • For decorating it, I have a used a pearl in the center.
  • The pattern is from here: PlanetJune.
This is the crochet rose. Attach a small pearl to its center.

  • I have threaded small silver beads along with white pearls together (2 silver bead, 2 white pearls) for a particular length.
  • Then I sewed the crochet rose and then continued to thread the beads and pearls.
This is how it looks. 

You can also use the same (smaller length) with an elastic band to make a bracelet. :) Also the rose can be used to make a earring :)  

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