DIY Remote Caddy

How are you gonna organize these remote controls ???? 

I personally don't like them lying around on the table or under the sofa :) or anywhere else. Mostly it gets misplaced as well and you've got to search it in such a hurry to watch your favorite TV programme. Well, here's a simple solution to it. I thought of making a stand :) Next, i wanted all three in one. And finally i wanted dividers. And i started making one.

I just recycled a Chocolate cardboard box into a Remote Caddy. Caddy is nothing but a small storage container, typically one with divisions. 

Here is how i turned the cardboard box into a beautiful remote caddy.

  • Cardboard box
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Blade
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Pattern Paper
  • Pearl, Punched flower, Satin ribbon (optional --> as an embellishment)

  • Open the flaps of the box on the top.

  • Cut the largest flap out (you can use this inside the box at the base for extra strength)

  • Next, cut the other two flaps as well.

  • Now, turn the box to one of the sides. From the top of one corner of the box, draw a line to the other end upto a desired height from the base (this height depends on the height of the smallest remote so that it stands well inside the box and doesn't fall off, yet a portion of it is always visible). 

  • Using a blade cut this part and it should look like the second picture below.

  • Now for the dividers. Cut two pieces of cardboard from another box and place it at equidistant from one another. I have cut extra cardboard on the sides to stick them for additional support of the dividers. In this you can see a portion of the divider is out --> for it to stand stiff)

  • Before you can glue them all together, remove these dividers. 
  • Stick pattern paper (I have used a pink floral pattern paper) on the inside of the box. 
  • Cover the dividers both the sides and glue them inside the box.
  • Finally cover the outside of the box with the pattern paper
  • I have punch flowers from a chart paper and decorative paper, given them outline with glitter pen and stuck them on each portion. One decorative piece with a pearl attached to it is placed along with the ribbon running around all sides of the box. 

This is my finished remote caddy and with the remote in it :) 

Try one yourself :)  Craft with love :) 

Challenge -->  The ItsyBitsy 'Pretty P' Challenge   [Pink, Pattern paper and Pearl]

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