Simple DIY tutorial: Pringles box turned cute storage box

Who loves Pringles, in this case its Master Potato Crisps ??????????  Well, if you ask me, my answer would probably be a NO. So where did I get it from? My brother is a huge fan of this and my cousins bring it over whenever they visit home during their school vacation. Not one, not two, but I think around 4 to 5 of them, and before I can even smell it, its all empty :) Seriously, they eat it. Thank god that I am not such a fan otherwise I would have gone crazy to see those empty boxes. But instead I am very happy when its finished. Reason???? The same reason why I posted this. Organize!!!! I found another small storage solution :)
Yeah!!! to me...

Simple DIY tutorial: Pringles box turned cute storage box

I wasn't going to use it as such. I used a self-adhesive pattern paper and wrapped it around the box. So simple. If you do not have one, then you can glue some pattern card-stock or paper onto it. 
If the packing colours and name is visible, you can either:
  • wrap it around twice

  • cover it with a white paper and then with the pattern paper. 
You can also stick a label or vinyl sticker onto it to describe its purpose. Now it looks a lot more better and a perfect storage solution for my room. 

Usage: It can be used to store:
  1. candles 
  2. straws
  3. colour pencils
  4. sketch pens
  5. rulers
  6. wires/cords
  7. coasters
  8. cotton balls
  9. small toys (like chess pieces, carrom board coins, jenga pieces, etc.)
  10. incomplete craft paper flowers (in my case... :) )
  11. and many more that you can explore and satisfy your needs.

Do you love Mister Potato Crisps or Pringles too ??? Then be sure to make them. You can also trim them or use smaller versions of it and store anything you like. Make the place prettier. :) 

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