ROUND-UP : DIY Cardboard Boxes as Storage Boxes

I’ve been doing projects on cardboard boxes lately. Why waste them when you get loads of them. So basically what you do is to recycle these boxes which are going to be of no use and transform them into some lovely boxes to store your stuff and for many other craft purposes in turn making them useful. This helps you to make any type you want with any color and size according to your need. This way you can organize your room or space better and make it visually more appealing as well. All this is done with very less cost and based totally on your requirements.

As I said, you will need an empty cardboard box. Where do you get it from???? 

1.       Size à Big
·         Diaper boxes
·         Chocolate boxes
·         Biscuit boxes
·         Big parcel box
·         Etc.

2.       Size à medium
·         Shoe boxes
·         Cereal boxes
·         Tissue boxes
·         Etc.

3.       Size à small
·         Small biscuit boxes
·         Accessories box
·         Etc.

These can be used to store many items like:
  •     Toys
  •         Craft supplies
  •     Yarn 
  •     Books
  •     Magazines
  •     Papers
  •     Mats
  •     Packed goods in pantry
  •     Cords
  •         Hats

      and a lot more…….

There are a huge collection of products which come within a cardboard box. When you purchase them, be sure you collect it and use it accordingly. It might come handy someday.

I hadn’t collected them, but I ask my father for these as he has it in shop from box full of chocolates, biscuits, chips, beverages, etc. and also few from home like cereal boxes and shoe boxes. And ofcourse, tissue boxes. There will definitely be a lot of them lying around the house.  My habit is to keep all these things together instead of throwing them away.

So here is a collection of how these cardboard boxes can be transformed to beautiful looking storage boxes and how they have helped in organizing the space and also for what purposes it can be used. The list is endless and so I have presented a few in this post.

Aimee has covered her box with burlap and attached a ruffle onto it.

Jamie from ‘DIY home sweet home’ has used some old boxes covered with duct tape for storing toys.

Michelle from Iron and Twine transformed the boxes using utility fabric and upcycled leather belts that she bought from a thrift store.  She used it in her entryway to store and organize scarves, gloves and umbrellas.

 Karen from Sew many ways covered her cardboard box with fabric, attached handles to it along with labels. It makes a perfect organization tool in her craft room.

Lauren Weems from Brit co. covered the boxes with sturdy fabrics and added belts to it as a handle.

 Amy from Positively Splendid used a diaper box and beautified it with some fabric, ribbons and added labels to them using adhesive vinyl. How wonderful they look.

Amy from Home Happy Home has painted the box chevron style.

 Emily from Namely Original covered the boxes with fabric to store school supplies and for pantry organization.

 Ashley from Make it Love it has also covered the cardboard box with fabric to store craft supplies.

Jennifer Jones used fabric covered cardboard boxes to store toys. To make it easy for the kids to pull them she had attached string to it.

 Allonsy Kimberly used boxes to store fabrics.

 Liz made use of post office boxes and twine to make storage containers.

As said before, even shoe boxes, tissue boxes and cereal boxes can be recycled.

 Ribbon dispenser from shoe boxes.

Such beautiful containers made using shoe boxes, twine and button

Peaches has used shoe box and toilet paper roll to hold stationary items.


Jennifer Jones from IHeartOrganizing has used a box with dividers and labels to hold cords. Such a good idea. She has also made use of cereal boxes as drawer dividers.

Toni from A bowl full of lemons has used cereal boxes covered up with pattern paper as magazine and paper holders.

Ingrid Talpak has shown how to make a storage box from a tissue box.

There are so many other ways you can decorate cardboard boxes and use them to store numerous things. Organize your space in a more beautiful way and in your favorite color to match your room. A great and inexpensive project. Try them. Think before you trash them away. 

Have a great day. :) 

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