How to stop a satin ribbon from fraying ???

Hello friends.

I have been using ribbons for few of my projects now and I find this very useful. When you cut off your ribbon from the whole or trim it, you can see that the ends fray out and strands keep coming out and out and its endless and soon you would have nothing there :)

How to stop a satin ribbon from fraying ???

So, in order to stop these satin ribbons from fraying :

  • Trim the edge.
  • Bring the ribbon very close to a burning candle (do not make it touch the flame)
  • Slightly move the ribbon from one end to another (twice or thrice; usually one time would do the job. Just in case to secure it well do it twice.)
  • You will notice that the ribbon starts curling slightly due to the heat produced (very very little).
  • Press it with your fingers [BE CAREFUL. IT WILL BE HOT]
  • And its all done :)

Try it . Be very careful and don't burn your fingers or the ribbon.  :)

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