My Blogging experience so far (2/2): What I learnt, What I still have to work on and few Blogging tips

5. SEO: Then and now

Search Engine Optimization. If Photography is THE BOSS, then SEO is THE GOD.

It is your blog data being analysed and searched for when someone enters a word into the search engine. You might notice that some websites turn up on page one or even first when something is being searched. It depends on what is being typed into the search engine. If your blog contains the appropriate data, it might turn up as well. 

Few things to take care of:

  • Blog: Title name, description, meta tags, keywords. {Make sure you write a detailed description of your blog, what it is actually about. Add keywords considering of what people might type in the search engine and end up in your blog; write as many keywords as possible but relevant to your blog and posts}
  • Images: Add image title and a small description (Attributes are ALT and TITLE)
  • Post: Add a search description to your post as well.

6. Being Active - Interacting: Then and now

In (3) I had already mentioned about being social via social media site. Now it is your turn to interact and communicate with fellow blogger and say a word of appreciation and encouragement to others. This way, your blog has a chance of getting noticed and they can visit your blog thereby increasing the page views of your blog.

Some ways to interact are: 

  • Visit other blogs and comment on your favourite posts. {Do not spam or send unwanted text to them}
  • Participate in Link Parties
  • Become a Guest Post Contributor {If there is an opportunity of being one}
  • Share free patterns or tutorials in your blog and link them.

I started with the first, then the second and hopefully I will be a Guest post contributor someday. By participating in link parties I received a huge page hit and my page-views increased a lot. So do not ever forget to share your work and show some appreciation to the other lovely bloggers out there.

7. Subscribe

When your blog is up and you are posting quality posts and you don’t want your number of readers to decline, add a subscription box to your blog. This makes the content/post automatically to reach your subscriber’s mailbox and they don’t have to visit or search each time for your post.

I am using Feedburner of Google for this purpose. I actually never thought I would include this feature, but when I did, I actually was shocked myself to see so many subscribers on my blog. I am so happy about it.

Please subscribe if you like to receive crochet, craft, organizing projects and more in your mailbox.

8. Organized Content

Apart from posting quality posts, taking good pictures and connecting via social media, the major part in successful blogging involves a good structured and organized content.

I have separate pages for different topics like, Crochet, Paper Craft, Sewing, Printables, etc. Under each I have a project gallery created via a ‘html table code’ that shows the thumbnails of all projects under that category which has a link to the individual posts. This makes it user friendly for the readers and makes it look visually appealing as well.

9. About Me Page

Include a good ‘about me’ page to ypur blog to let your readers know a little about you and your blog and why you blog about what you do with a few pictures to add an extra spark to it.

I have recently edited my ‘About Me’ page. You can have a look at it here.

10. My Etsy shop

I opened up my Etsy shop for Printable Planner in September 2014 and then later on I also added crochet items to it. I have an Etsy gadget to my blog sidebar and also linked my Facebook and Twitter accounts to my Etsy account. 
You can visit my Etsy shop here.

This has been my experience so far and few things I learnt on the way. I still have to work on a lot and implement it on the go. 

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Have fun blogging! Take care.   

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