Easy ways to manage and track your Budget

BILLS, BILLS everywhere... Bills are very useful ... (Just singing to the tune of Shapes, shapes everywhere.... ) 

Ya seriously, these bills and purchases have given me a headache and I am tired of handling these papers around and trying to stack them in place and simultaneously track my expenses. Phew, sounds like a lot of work. I had these before, but now I've learnt how to tackle such REALLY hard EXPENSE Tracking and BILL Organizing situations. :)
Here, I share with you few simple ways to organize your bills and to easily keep track of all your expenses, be it for grocery, or for school, or electronics, etc.

  • An Accordion Binder (or) a Ring Binder with few clear sheets.
[image source]

[image source]

  • Labels
  • A calculator
  • A pen / pencil
  • And a planner :) Don't worry. I've got your back. You can purchase the Budget Planner from here and here, or an A5 size budget planner from here.

2. Divide the binder sheets / accordion file into months (label them for your understanding) as shown in the pic above. 

3. Whenever you purchase something or repair or spend , just write down the expenses in the DAILY EXPENSES page of your planner.

4. Insert the bill into the corresponding month folder. 

5. At end of each month, Staple these BILLS together according to the type (grocery, clothing, furniture, school, etc.). TOTAL up each and enter in MONTHLY EXPENSES page from the planner. 

6. Finally, do it annually. You can also compare your budget with actual expenses and see where you can cut short your expense.

This way you keep track of your expenses and keep your BILLS organized.

Let me know how this goes? :) 

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Have a great day everyone. Take care :)

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