Quick and Cheap: Curtain Setup

Furniture and curtains play a vital role in home decor. I just love them. Change their type or style them up, and there, you have a totally different look for the season or party. Oh, and not to mention, Cushion covers as well. :) 

I have a simple and quick and most cheap way to put up your curtains. It is so easy and I did it myself, so yeah, you can definitely do it. (Not kidding ... )  

You don't need much for this. Just gather the below materials and you are ready to go...

  • Spring curtain wire
(image source)

  • Net wire Hooks (and eyelets to mark the end of the spring wire)
(image source)

  • And ofcourse, CURTAINS (lightweight)


  • Measure the window frame form one end to another. 
  • Cut the sprint wire 1" or 1.5" less than the length. 
  • Attach the eyelet to both the ends.
  • Hammer the Hooks in place for a few distance, then start twisting them like bottle cap till it is seated secure.
  • Run the curtain through the wire and then place the eyelets on the hook. 
  • If its a little tight, don't worry. Just pull them (its just a spring) and then finally place the eyelets in the hook. 

  • If you feel, that the wire or curtain is slightly hanging in the middle, attach another hook in the center like dis and place the spring wire above this.

And there you have it. This spring wire is already used for shades in kitchen and other rooms, well, if you want a temporary solution for your windows and you don't wanna spend much on curtain rods (like, if you are in a rented house for sometime), you can definitely go for this. 

And now you can see the curtain is just flowing in its dreamy land :) 

I would like to thank you all and my readers for voting for my blog. I made it to Top5 in Arts and Crafts category. I can't thank you enough. 

Take care :) 

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