Colour with Asian Paints : Revisit

Who doesn't love the beauty of colors, the freshness it gives and the smile that it brings to our face? Who doesn't love to keep updating ourselves with the color we most love to our everyday environment and who doesn't love to experiment the hidden treasure from its unique patterns? 

If your answer to all of the above mentioned questions is YES YES and YES !!! :) then please continue reading more on what ASIAN PAINTS has brought to us this season. 

I have fallen in love with Asian Paints and the vast choice of colors they have. My entire house was repainted with its beautiful colors. I chose fuchsia pink for one wall and the rest to soft pink blush. This has given my room a new look and feel and the feel that its mine and all crafty. And I definitely have to mention my brothers room painted in ARSENAL theme (red with white stripes on one wall and soft white on the other walls). I so love it.

Crochet cushion cover made to match my brother's room: FREE PATTERN

Their website has got an awesome interface to select your colors and have a virtual look at how it suits your wall/space by adding a picture of your room to it. Isn't that cool? You can get the app here.

The signature store of Asian Paints is located in Connaught Place, Delhi. They have an expert panel who will walk you through the interiors, color ideas, lighting, visual tour transformation and a lot more. They also conduct workshops for art and craft enthusiast like us who loves decor. 

ASIAN PAINTS has initiated a very special endeavor called Folk in Vogue. They are working with artisans from varied Indian Fork Art spaces to help revive our rich art forms and give them a modern spirit; a spirit that can successfully fit the changing needs and times. Inspired by our traditional art and designs, this initiative is sure to bring a new look to the olden forms and bring a spark to each with painting. 

They are incorporating art forms such as Madhubani, Gond, Kalamkari, Warli, etc. to the transform the normal wall paint to something traditional yet modern and will sure please the ones who have an eye for Indian culture, art and craft.  #revistingroots 

In order to promote and celebrate this grand venture, ASIAN PAINTS has stepped forward to encourage and support women with immense talent, strong, empowered and had brought change to their family and society in the most beautiful and creative way and in turn achieved success.  With this concept in mind, ASIAN PAINTS had invited 20 such women who have achieved phenomenal success in their career, to put forth their ideas, share their experience and thoughts on folk art and our rich Indian heritage. Isn't that amazing? :) 

You can watch videos of these inspiring Indian women here.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to revisit the Indian traditions and transform your place to one then don't hesitate. Contact Asian paints team or simply walk into their flagship store at:

Colour with asian paints

Kashi House, A-3/8a, Radial Road Number 2,
Connaught Lane, New Delhi, DL 110001

Tel. 011-41501676


Store Timings

10.00am - 9.00 pm


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