GUEST POST - Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted PineconesHey guys. Hope you had a wonderful week. Just two months for Halloween and have you started preparing for it? If you want some quick and easy idea to decorate your home this Halloween, then follow along cause Victoria, our Guest Blogger today is going to share with you guys an awesome and super easy DIY Halloween home decor project. I am so happy to have her on-board. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful project with Craftadise readers, Victoria. :) Now, without wasting much time, let's see what Victoria has to share with all of us. Over to Victoria.

Hi! I’m Victoria from Dazzle While Frazzled. I’m happy to be here today on Craftadise sharing with you how to create an easy rustic Halloween garland using painted pinecones. Grab the kids and head outside to scour the yard (or maybe the neighbor’s!) for our main crafting supply – pinecones.

Once they are cleaned (soaked in a water-vinegar bath for 30 minutes followed by baking at 200° for 30 minutes), grab your craft brush and paints to create a quick and easy hand-painted touch of Halloween.


- Pinecones (if using real, be sure to clean them first)
- Craft paint: orange, yellow, white, black
- Craft clear glitter paint
- Paint brush
- Ribbon or jute twine

Step #1 – Pinecone Painting:

I created a variety of Halloween-themed pinecones, including the iconic Halloween candy corn  and orange and black color block pinecones.

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

 Step #2 – Add Sparkle:

Add some clear glitter paint over the dry pinecones for a touch of Halloween sparkle. 

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

Step #3 – String Together

Cut a long piece of ribbon or string. Wrap the ribbon around the bottom (aka: the fat part) of the pinecone, knotting at the back. Continue in this manner, spacing out the pinecones, until you reach the desired length.

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

Add a few ribbon ties in between every couple of pinecones for added interest.

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones

Secure to your mantel or around your door, adding some ribbon bows.

Make an Easy Rustic Halloween Garland with Painted Pinecones


Hi! I'm Victoria, the Dazzle behind the Frazzle! I am the {often frazzled} mom to three kids, ages 2-7. Even though I'm sorta reserved in personality, when it comes to our home, it is full of color, unique DIY home decor projects and lots of quirks and character. I love that my ideas aren't what you may find all over Pinterest. My biggest thrill is coming up thrifty solutions to pricier decor ideas! I rip out pages from pricey catalogs and inspire to make it myself. Some popular projects include Backsplash with a 1920s Vibe, DIY Hanging Orb Planter and No Sew Cloth Basket Liners. Visit Dazzle While Frazzled today and get 2 FREE tutorials on how to make back-to-school photo frames.


  1. Thank you so much for the guest post opportunity. Happy Fall!

    1. You're most welcome Victoria. I really enjoyed this post. 😊 Thank you for being a part 💖 Happy Fall. 😊

  2. I love the look you gave the pine cones, Victoria. It's very festive and fun for Halloween. Happy to have you linking up at the Halloween Blog Hop. Pinned to my Halloween board.

  3. They look great, we have access to a lot of pinecones from my brothers garden, I think I'll ask him to save me a bag full!


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