My Blogging experience so far (1/2): What I learnt, What I still have to work on and few Blogging tips

Craftadise. My Blogging experience so far: What I learnt, What I still have to work on and few Blogging tips

1. When it all started

I have always had a craze on crafting and crochet. Right from my school days I used to make things at home and try new items with available materials or even recycle them to something beautiful. I didn’t have much knowledge of blogging or browsing then. During my college, I searched online for more ideas on crafting and crochet. I used to do this rarely because I was busy with my studies as well. Later, during my post-graduate, I made sure I find some time to relax and bring back my crafting abilities to life. This is the time when my blog was born and came to existence on July, 2012.

This idea of blogging and creating more started during my post-graduate. I took up crochet more seriously and started getting back to it. I picked it up from where I had left during my school days, and this time I promised that I am never going back. I held onto the crochet hook ever since. :) During my free time I made crochet items and also some paper craft products.  For my good luck, there was an exhibition held in college in which I participated and kept some of my works. It was very well appreciated for the same and I also won a prize for that. It boosted me and encouraged me so much to do more. I started crocheting hats for my family. My dad still wears it :)  I feel so happy when someone actually appreciates your hard work and even happier when they use it with so much love :) I felt that this is going somewhere. I had to take the next step this time and it had to be strong.

I started blogging with my basic craft skills and posted the items that I had made before. Many of my craft work cannot be seen as I had no camera back then and I never took this seriously. I actually regret to have lost many of my handmade products. I started off with the basic ‘Welcome to my blog’ post :)  followed by my beginner crafts and crochet work. I also added the tutorial or how-to where necessary. Although I had no much time during college I tried my best to capture the work and post it online. Later, after college I took blogging seriously and kept my blog beating ever since :)

Some of my initial projects in the blog:

Big Bottom Crochet Bag , Made in craftadise
[Crochet Big Bottom Bag: source]

Crochet slippers, Made in craftadise
[Crochet Slippers: source]

Tissue paper flower, Made in craftadise
[Tissue Paper Flower: source]

2. The Look {header, sidebar, fonts, colors, etc} : Then and now


Initially, my blog had a different name ‘Crown Crafts’. Later I switched to ‘Made-in-Craftadise’. This lovely space of mine on the web, my home-sweet-home and my hometown; all this comprises and forms my own creative crafting paradise ‘Craftadise’.


I had a basic template and background that blogger provides with just the Home page.  I wasn’t quite satisfied with the plain look. Well, nobody would have been, lol. Later I browsed for tutorials on how to create your own:

  • Blog Header,
  • Navigation/Menu bar,
  • Sidebar gadget titles,
  • Social media icons,
  • Blog Button and  
  • Signature.

Blog header plays a very important role cause that’s the first thing someone is going to see when they enter your blog. It should look attractive and unique; something to be stared at and wowed. At first I concentrated only on blog header and nothing else.

My Blog header then and now:

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, header
[Blog header: First, Second]


Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, header
[Blog Header: Now]

I wanted a change from the cute little kid blog to something bolder. So I shifted from the first, then second and then finally landed up with the latest one (Although second one looks cute :) ) Other reason being copyright issues; the images from first and second is not rightfully owned or created by me. If in case I have to use it, I should give credit to the person who actually created the images that I used in. And also I wanted something with a color scheme to match my blog and branding products, so I created the third one with heart icon to go with. {I did not use the first and second for long as I had to change them as quick as possible to make mine -- look mine :) }

Later I found that adding the below made a huge difference for:
  • easy navigation in your blog: people to look up to the different pages in your blog (virtually appealing and content-wise organized)
  • social media icons to the site your blog is linked to (so that people may follow you in that for their ease)
  • a cute little signature of your own at the end of each blog post
  • a blog button for others bloggers to share or use them :)

My page navigation menu then and now:

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, navigation
[Navigation bar: Then and Now]

My Social Media icons:

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, social media

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, social media

 My blog button:

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, blog button

My signature:

Made in craftadise, My Blogging experience so far, Blogging tips, signature

3. Photo quality: Then and now

The BOSS as I call it, photography plays a vital role in blogging. Blogging is incomplete without a good photograph to represent itself. A good photograph is something that says it all in just a glance. It should be crisp, clear, focused and to the point.

I never had a good camera before and also the knowledge to take a good photograph. For any of my craft or crochet related items, photography is the main ingredient to spice the blog up and to effectively transfer the details and ideas to the readers visually. Usually, only a write-up bores me and for most of you I suppose. Therefore, adding the how-to, step-by-step images and a clear image of the final product is very important to add a colorful appearance to the blog as well as a good impact on the readers.

This is how my images looked when I started blogging. 

Made in craftadise, tissue paper flower

Made in craftadise, paper bag

And after 2 years of blogging this is how my images look now. 

Crochet fingerless gloves
[Crochet Fingerless gloves: Shop here]

Crochet baby bear hat + woman man hat
[Crochet Baby Bear hat + Woman hat: Shop here]

crochet ribbed baby booties free pattern
[Crochet Ribbed baby Booties: Free Pattern]

felt blow clips
[Felt Bow Hair Clips]

I know, I am no expert, but I have learnt few things regarding how to take a good photograph and although I haven’t excelled in it, I feel proud to have made a progress and I will take efforts to develop these skills further. I use Sony Cybershot with 5x Optical Zoom and 16.1 megapixels.

Few things I learnt:

·        Keep a clear background {White suits best or any blank wallpaper}
·        Have natural light
·        Focus on the object
·        Take photos in different angles and choose the best ones
·        Edit your photo
·        Watermark it

4. Using Social Media

Having your blog/shop in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. plays a good role to advertise your blog/items and also to easily interact with your fan base. I have linked my blog and added social media icons to my Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram account and also my Etsy shop.

When they land up on a blog, they quickly see if the blog has a Facebook or Twitter page included. The reason is it is easily followed and almost all are on it most of the time. They don’t have to look up to your blog every time you post something or you offer any discounts and promotions. You just have to post it to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram with the link; they follow you back instantly when they view it. I have associated my blog to my Google+ user profile and it automatically posts my blog post to my profile.

Handmadeology presents Monday Connection in facebook and you can link your Etsy shop, facebook or twitter page in the comment. {I got an increase in the number of likes in my Facebook page}.
Pin your posts and images to a shared board in Pinterest which in turn increases the traffic and followers. 

One of the reasons I had an increase in traffic to my blog is Social Media. 


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