DIY Earring / Hair Clip Display Card for Craft Fair

As promised earlier, I am here with one of the DIY Craft Fair Display ideas. This one is for earrings and hair clips. Instead of placing the earrings or clips on the table, why not make these display cards to make your work stand out and more visible to anyone who crosses your stall. This was the easiest of all the DIY display ideas that I made and it took less than an hour to complete around 20 such cards.

DIY Earring / Hair Clip Display Card for Craft Fair, craft fair display ideas

I had so many people coming to the stall just by looking at these. They were so interested on the display and they had an extra close look at it. And yeah, most of them were sold out as well. :) 

So without further ado; let's see how it is done.

  • Cardstock (any color of your choice or that which matches your brand)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Push pin / hole punch

PROCEDURE: (for one display card)

If you want to watch a video tutorial instead, scroll down. 
  1. Cut the cardstock to size 10" x 3"
  2. Make marks on 1", 5" and 8" along the longer side.
  3. Draw lines along these marks.
  4. Make creases on the line.
  5. Attach double sided tape to the 1" portion.
  6. Fold the card and stick the 1" sticky side on to the 3" portion of the card.
  7. Make the creases strong.
  8. Punch holes for the earrings.
  9. Add the earrings to the display card. 

DIY Earring / Hair Clip Display Card for Craft Fair, Craft fair display idea

VARIATIONS:  (Hair-clip display card)
  • You can follow the exact steps from 1 to 7 and then make a slit in the center to insert an alligator or tic-tac clip. 
  • You can make these bigger os smaller depending on the size of your clips. Just increase the shorter side length. (For example, instead of 3", keep 5", etc.)


And that is how you make a super easy and super cheap Earring / Hair Clip display card. You can use them for craft fair or for your dresser as well. Gift your friends a earring or hair clip with personalized display cards like these. If you have a stamp of your brand, simply stamp it up and make it look professional. 

If you like to see more display ideas, do let me know in the comments below. Have an awesome weekend. :) Take care! 

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