Cardboard Storage Box - Organizing and Storage solution - My way

Hello friends :) Okay. So last week I had shown you how I transformed a cardboard box to this amazing storage box. You can find how I did it here.

I had also promised you guys that I will be showing how I used them as my organizing solution. So this is how I used them to store two most important things for me. First, prayer rugs and then my crochet yarn. Well, there is a lot more of that yarn, I have actually stored the excess here. This gives me an idea of another blog post on how to organize crochet yarn and how I did it. Later on that. 

So I printed out these amazing labels online and wrote the purpose of each using a marker pen. I attached the labels onto the box using double-sided sticker (3D) to give a raised effect.

And here is a look at my excess yarn storage box and they peacefully rest while their off duty and off hooks :)

I used these boxes and placed them on a shelf so they look matching and neatly organized without a mess.

Do share your projects as well. I would love to see them. Take care :)

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