DIY : Vanity tray from an old tissue box

Hello there. Hope you have enjoyed the lovely weekend. I had spent my weekend trying on some crochet projects for babies and I am glad that I have completed a part of it. Will definitely post the results when I am done with it. 

Let me share with you a very simple, inexpensive and a quick project. All you ladies out there. This one is specially for you... 

Ta da.... Today's project is a Vanity Tray.

You might wonder what a vanity tray is. Well let me explain you. It is something decorative made out of silver or gold or plastic or any container to hold your perfume bottles.

Well, I have gone a step further and added a lot more than a perfume bottle. Pretty handy though. All what you need for the day is right in front of you and sits right there without making a mess on your dresser (unless you have some meddling kids around the house [wink wink] ).

I made my version of a vanity tray using an old tissue box. I trimmed the upper portion for a small tray with shorter border for it and to prevent any item within from falling. Then I quickly wrapped it up with some cute pink shaded polka dot pattern paper to see how beautiful its gonna turn out. I also added a piece of self adhesive pattern paper on the base so that the actual tissue box base isn't visible and also for easy cleaning purpose

And my version of vanity tray is all set and ready to use.

I hope you liked it. If you are making one, please do share it. I would love to see your work.

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