Home décor - Simple wall décor using Emboss Painting

A quick and easy wall decor project. Emboss Painting is so easy and adds a beautiful touch to your plain walls. My aunt purchased one long back in 2005 [Image 1]. She also asked me to paint thereby encouraging me :) It was the first ever Emboss painting kit we purchased.

Home décor - Simple wall décor using Emboss Painting


  • Open the kit. 
  • Take the cloth with the painting.
  • Iron the cloth in medium heat upside down.
  • The painting area will now become raised due to application of heat.
  • Paint in anyway you like or using the given color pattern with the kit.
[Usually the kit comes with small paint bottles].

Later I purchased one myself and painted it. This time I used Glitter Glue on the border of every flower and also the pot [Image 2].

It is so easy to do and you don't have to draw the design yourself. Since the design gets embossed it is easy to paint as well. You can purchase them from your local craft store or online. 

An easy way to decorate your home. Do try it :)

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